State & Local Tax


State and local laws and regulations change constantly, and with those changes come modifications to state and local taxes that can affect your business. You probably don’t have the time or resources to keep up with these changes, so let the professionals at Johnson O’Connor take care of it for you. Our team continually monitors legislative changes, regulations issued by taxing authorities, and judicial decisions shaping the application of state laws. As a result, we have the knowledge and insight to provide proactive guidance for complying with the relevant rules and avoiding any state and local tax problems.

In our current economy, we often find business expands beyond the borders of a company’s home state. As such, multi-state tax filing has become a common challenge for our clients. Johnson O’Connor responds to our clients’ multi-state tax issues with deep consulting expertise and knowledge of each state’s own set of dynamic, evolving rules. Our professionals can help you navigate these complex rules and advise you on the best multi-state tax strategy for your business.

Johnson O’Connor’s state and local tax services include:

  • State nexus studies
  • Multi-state tax planning and preparation
  • Sales/use tax advice
  • Voluntary disclosure